Projectcase Light up your world

Own initiative 

Sometimes ideas emerge which have to be realized. Ideas which are worthwhile to show the world. The idea for a illluminated book which is more than just a designobject was such an idea. A designobject which turned into a campaign.



Concept – Light up your world
The idea was based on the discussion over the role of religion in western society. About shared values, about freedom of speech and thought, about things that truly matter. Funny enough the word in Dutch for Enlightenment and lighting is the same: Verlichting. Giving the discussion something lighthearted (what’s in a word), we came up with a lamp in the form of a book: The Enlightenment. To extend this whole idea on the many meanings of the word light, it shouldn’t be a heavy book, but a light book. Not a book of absolute truths, but a book which sets you thinking without telling you what to do. A book which will not only help you in dark days but other people as well. By adding the idea that a percentage of the price will benefit a charitable project and therefor creates a brighter future for many, the campaign light up your world was born.

The project drew attention worldwide and not only by design oriented media.



For our first edition we supported Edukans -a dutch organisation who works on education projects in developing countries-, by helping a school in Uganda with their library.


For our second edition we supported the international platform for freedom of thought by the Dutch Humanistic Association.

Unfortunedly ‘The Enlightenment’ is not for sale anymore.